We offer personal chef services tailored to your diet, likes, and cooking abilities.  If your kitchen were a ski mountain, would you be most comfortable on the bunny slop? Is Green Circle your level? Feeling comfortable on a Rocky Mountain Blue Square? If you crush Black Diamonds, we might want to hire you!

We'll customize our service to you based on how much you'd like to cook and how easy or advanced you'd like you recipes to be. We group our foodie friends into the following categories-

Bunny Slope- Take it easy and let Chef get you and yours wined and dined in the comfort of your home, or enjoy a personal lesson on preparing and making the meal of your choice.

Green Circle- Sean will be your personal menu planner and shopper.

Blue Square- In addition to planning and shopping for your foods, Sean will prep and conveniently label all ingredients for your meal.

Black Diamond- Enjoy in-house made meals ready to eat or to be reheated, whichever you prefer.